Kids aren’t kids forever,
that’s why we do camps.

Camps International facilitates camp experiences that encourage counselors and children to become active, lifelong members of the Christian community.

We are growing and building up a constellation of camp organizations and people who are passionate about starting camps. We minister through the local church and utilize a small group philosophy. Camps International and its partners train, consult, and assist in the development of more Christian camps around the world.

Welcome to the Start Camps constellation website. You can read more about who we are here.

A Constellation of Camps

Start Camps is a collective of camp-starting organizations that partner with Camps International through multiple facets. Our philosophy is based off of the small group model, built-in follow up, and skill-based activities. Counselors follow up with their cabin group even after the camp event has ended.

Evangelism, discipleship, leadership development, and ministry experience are just some of the reasons why we believe camp is a vital tool in the church building toolbox.

Camps International partners with these camp-oriented organizations to help them build up their curriculum, facilities, programs, counselor training and camp methodology. By bringing these organizations together, we’re stronger and can reach more kids for Christ. Will you join us in our quest to see more Christian camps around the world?

We recruit from the local church

The camp counselor, under the direction of their pastor, chooses campers from the church and neighborhood.

The local church most often has a system already in place for nurturing new believers. They have evangelism and discipleship programs. So camp is a good tool for the church to continue doing what it does best, work with people.

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Kids Carpet

Soften the blow when kids fall down. $10 buys a pick-up truck load

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“Eyes” for Kids

Imagine a world without birds. No whippoorwills calling the morning to life in

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Water Project

Water is a precious resource that is needed in the camp scene. The present phase of

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Help Start Camps

Partner with us as we raise $5,000 for scholarships.

Every dollar buys a child an hour at camp, where they will learn new skills, hear about Jesus for possibly the first time, and have a chance to interact with people who will continue to follow up and disciple them for years to come. Camp is the tool through which God’s word can be shared, life-skills can be learned, and eternity altered.

Will you give a child that opportunity?

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A child learns through hands-on activities that leave impressions in their lives long after they’ve left camp. Just playing tetherball? Sure. Until their previously-trained counselor shares with them about God’s roll in their lives using the string, ball and pole as the visuals for a life-lesson.

Share your V.O.I.C.E. and help us to build camps in other nations!