Giving of Time and Talent

Among the unending opportunities in the suffering and lost world, there are people who have dedicated a portion of their selves to assisting in the development of children’s camps.

Tim Peterson

Tech Guy

Tim has developed, maintained and enhanced internet, computer functions, solar systems, dome structures, etc. at Los Domos since his first annual trip in 2008.

Bob & Cindy McKinney

Team Leaders

Encouraging the participation in volunteer tasks and bonding between two cultures.

Tim Mezger

Special Projects

Tim is intent on making his internship at Los Domos count. He has maintained and repaired equipment used in developing the summer camp facility. Then moving on from fixing he designed and built a much needed shower house. In the evenings he learned to juggle and learned camp philosophy.

Kristen Capeci

Exploring Missions

“Visiting Los Domos helped me to catch the vision the Lord is working out through David and Karen.  I have been excited to take their vision back to the states to help meet ministry needs.”

Dianne Mollard

Bill Ensinger

Bill visited yearly to help with computer software and website management until he got married to a wonderful woman and started a family.

Tom Lurk

Aaron Blowers

Fix-it-man for the first ever RYCCA camp in Mexico in 2002.

Visiting Teams


Woodland Hills Community Church - 2007


McBride's Clan - 2007


Teoli Brothers


Tennessee Boys

Become A Volunteer

Have you ever considered taking a short term missions trip?  Have you heard stories of blessing and revival in a foreign land and wanted to participate?  Do you feel like God might be calling you to step out of your workaday world to live the adventure for Him?  We would encourage you to take a look at our Mexico ministry trip program with a willing heart and open mind.  It may solidify some of your ponderings.