Sam Martinez


My name is Sam and I’m 27 years old. I have attended and loved camps for about 27 years, because I was born into a family that loved camps and was passionate about it. God use camps to talk to me in so many different ways and shape my life.

I was participating in camps even before I was old enough to attend one. I can’t remember a bad memory from one of those experiences. When I grew up, I realize the responsibility it took for someone to be in charge of a cabin through being a counselor. And as I got older, I realize the responsibility to be a program director. So at age 21, I was the director of my first program for teenagers and youth. Every year since I realize how much more you need to learn to make a camp program better, but also realize how important it is for the life of the kids that attended, as well as for the counselors. The community, the relationships bonded together through games and activities, the time being apart from the chaos of your routine and to dedicate time to enjoy nature, as well as nurturing relationships and spiritual growth; these are great needs in people’s life.

That’s how my love for camps has pushed me to meet a lot of amazing people from camp environments, visit different camps in Mexico and other countries like Canada, USA, Panama, and Costa Rica, and learn about this awesome ministry. I think that there is a need in people’s life to be part of a camp society and see how this type of community and godly environment shapes and changes their life.


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