Our Board of Directors

Being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose.” – The Apostle Paul writing to his friends in Philippi about AD 61

Mike McBride

Interim President

I grew up in central New York and became a Christian while in high school, becoming active in the same local church as David and Karen while David attended college. When my three oldest children and I visited David on a mission trip, I was “adopted” into the passion for spreading camps. We enjoy supporting the Caldwells!

Georgia Culver


I was born in Kenya, E. Africa, to missionary parents. I have been friends with the Caldwells since college and have seen their calling and their ministry develop through the years. I am both excited and privileged to serve along side them.

Kirk Farley


The Lord used it to instill in me at a young age the desire to be utilized by Him in Christian service and missions. I first met David and Karen while attending college. David and I were roommates our freshmen year and our friendship continued and grew over the years despite the distances between us.

Becky Canuteson

Assistant Treasurer

I have been involved in camping since I was old enough to attend my church camp as a child. I met David and Karen at camp when I worked as his secretary one summer. I lived on the grounds of the camp year round and it was a great place to raise my children. Now my husband and I continue to volunteer as we can at camp and attend banquets and summer concerts.

George Hopper

Emeritus President

Christian Camping has been incredibly influential in my life. At age six, at Sacandaga Bible Conference, a camp in the Adirondacks, I accepted Christ. All believers are gifted by God to serve Him and I try to encourage all people to use that gift. I have been involved in ministry for many years and I believe camp is a strategy that changes lives. I am living proof of the good camp can do.

David Caldwell

Founder / Missionary

David served as a camp counselor for a few summers between studies and then as a camp program director. The pace was intense, the change in kids— amazing. He still has contact with a couple of campers.  “God loved me into being a missionary,” Caldwell says. “God took the time and gave me the experiences I needed so I could, in return, love working for Him.” David and his wife, Karen, are missionaries working with Camps International, of which Caldwell is the founder or, in his words, “a catalyst.” Caldwell is currently developing camps in the state of Michoacán.