David & Karen Caldwell

Missionaries in Central Mexico – Christian Youth Camp Development

David Caldwell

Founder / Missionary

Karen Caldwell

Prayer Warrior

David Caldwell

As a teen David came to commit his life to Christ through a thought-provoking sermon. Caldwell remembers, “It became clear that there is a God, and therefore I needed to order my life according to His Word.”

Later he was instrumental in bringing Intervarsity Christian Fellowship to a campus (at one of the seven colleges he attended).

David served as a camp counselor for a few summers between studies and then as a camp program director. The pace was intense, the change in kids— amazing. He still has contact with a couple of campers. Those experiences were like a bellows blowing oxygen into the desire to forge new camps for a generation of eager kids.

“God loved me into being a missionary,” Caldwell says. “God took the time and gave me the experiences I needed so I could, in return, love working for Him.” David started his missionary venture as part of a church planting team even though the original job description and goal was to develop a Christian camp.

David and his wife, Karen, are missionaries working with Camps International, of which Caldwell is the founder or, in his words, “a catalyst.” Caldwell is currently developing camps in the state of Michoacán.

David earned his master’s degree in human resource leadership from Azusa Pacific University.