Training Counselors

“Let’s get together again!”

That’s what counselors who bring children from their own church and neighborhood can say. The followup after camp is built in to the recruiting before camp.

Success is defined as counselor and camper getting together… after camp.

Because the camp event provides so many great times together, it is only natural that relationships are built and strengthened.

Challenge Course

The challenge course is a place for kids to learn how to overcome obstacles and think critically through challenges that confront them. It’s also a way to integrate the importance of team work.



The trampoline is a novelty for many kids who have never seen one, let alone had the chance to bounce around and learn to turn somersaults. This is an opportunity for kids to let loose and have fun, while their counselor sits beside one or two for some quality face-to-face time with their campers, a chance to impart into their lives and learn a little bit more about how God is working in their hearts.