“Eyes” for Kids

Goal: $320

Raised: $10

Progress: 3 %

Imagine a world without birds. No whippoorwills calling the morning to life in the predawn darkness. No nightingales pouring out their souls in the hearts of forests. No great blue herons flying low over marshlands while the world is cloaked in mist. With no birds, silence and stillness would replace the joy and majesty surrounding us.

But thankfully, there are birds, many different types of birds. And yet, in spite of the awesome beauty that is warbling and flying all around us, so few people really see these birds much less know their habitat. How often do we go about our daily lives, hearing chirps and seeing aeriel movement, without really noting the diversity of color and habit? Often times, its not a lack of interest, but rather a lack of teaching, that brings about this unawareness of birds and their ways. And so, here at Los Domos, we desire to change this and instill a greater knowledge of nature and God.

As one of our many character-building activities, we will train counselors to be bird-savvy and so able to teach the kids about these wonderful creatures. But teachers need tools. As any bird-watcher will tell you, binoculars are critical for the art. So, if we at Los Domos had four pairs of quality binoculars that could be used to find and identify the birds, the children could begin the adventure that is birding. Consider the possibility of hundreds of kids moving from absolute ignorance of birds to being avid birders, loving to spend time in God’s creation watching God’s creatures! The alertness, exercise, fresh air, and sunlight that the children can get from birding are exhilarating and deeply healthy.

The most active bird watcher in Michoacán visited Los Domos recently. He recommended a 7×35 set of binoculars for the birdwatching activity. Binocular sizes are measured with two numbers; the first represents the magnification, or the number of times the image is enlarged, while the second indicates the diameter of the light-gathering lens in millimeters. According to the remarkable bird-watcher, 7×35 binoculars have the perfect range and magnification for birding.

Birding is a very affordable skill for us in Mexico. We have the birds, we have the trees, we have the lakes. All that remains is the tools to observe, identify, and record. This is where you can join us. We would like to offer you the chance to donate $45 to bless and enrich these children with binoculars.

Camps at Los Domos follow a program model that has five kids, two counselors, and one facilitator per cabin. Therefore, if we are able to buy four pairs of binoculars, a birdbook, and notebooks, each cabin would have just enough to take turns watching the birds. We are now looking for bird-lovers to stand up and help propagate their interest by donating toward these tools. Is $45 too much to invest toward a child’s education? As always, here at Los Domos, we seek to instill character values, Scripture, and godly principles with each activity. Kids are naturally curious and lively, and so, given the proper tools, they can open up doors full of wonder and knowledge that will never stop inspiring them.

Will you join us? You can help these children experience the world of birds. Once they learn birding here at camp, they will be able to take it with them and use it for the rest of their lives. Imagine a world without birds, and then imagine a camp full of bright-eyed kids, who are not only seeing nature but also its Creator.

Donations can be made here, or you can make checks payable to “Camps International”.
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