About us

We start camps and train counselors to use them

Why Camp?

Christian camps use the most effective means (counselors) to reach the most receptive hearts (kids). We train counselors who love Jesus so they can minister to kids through the authority of their local church in a safe place removed from distraction. At no other time in life, statistically speaking, does one so easily grasp what God so freely gives as when they are a child. We think that the combination of camp and kids is a winner!


What is it all about? What is life and what is so important about
the Christmas story? Who am I? Is there more to life? Is there a
relationship between this life and the next?

The process of going from here, living in this world, to getting
to the next phase of being in an after world has to do with bridging
a chasm that the finest composite materials and most advanced
engineering architecture can’t span. If there is more to life after
life it has to do with faith. And faith by definition has an object
associated with it in which to place our confidence.

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We believe that camping can assist church and family and thereby impact societies and cultures. In order to serve church and family we seek to uphold the authority and structure unique to each unit as it conforms to Scripture. We value the giftings and talents given to individuals and the institutions they form. We therefore strive to equip those who are entrusted to us so that they can best use camp as a tool to further their God given calling.

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Reteros Y Campamentos Con Aventura (RYCCA) established in Mexico as a non-profit organization on August 4.


First RYCCA one week overnight camp with trained Mexican counselors.


Four couples, the Caldwells, the Milams, the Murphys and the Petrosinos, committed to begin Camps International (CI). CI embodies the same philosophy for camps as does RYCCA. CI provides assistance to camp development in Mexico.


RYCCA geodesic cabin was demonstrated at the Christian Camping International-Mexico national conference. (November)


Northeast board of directors steps into leadership (August 13): George Hopper, Georgia Culver, Kirk Farley, Mike McBride, Becky Canuteson. Their passion: to see the development of camp counselors and camp facilities with a Christ-focused program.


God is the only power sufficient to sustain anything.

Camps International peruses a path of stewardship which includes making prevision for the future.


International staff seeks to work themselves out of a job (foreigners have a limited shelf life).

Intentional Recourses

We are intentional about limiting the investment of material things, purchase of land, buildings, etc. but majoring on the discipling, training, teaching… of people.

Our Board of Directors

Being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose.” – The Apostle Paul writing to his friends in Philippi about AD 61

Mike McBride

Interim President

I grew up in central New York and became a Christian while in high school, becoming active in the same local church as David and Karen while David attended college. When my three oldest children and I visited David on a mission trip, I was “adopted” into the passion for spreading camps. We enjoy supporting the Caldwells!

Georgia Culver


I was born in Kenya, E. Africa, to missionary parents. I have been friends with the Caldwells since college and have seen their calling and their ministry develop through the years. I am both excited and privileged to serve along side them.

Kirk Farley


The Lord used it to instill in me at a young age the desire to be utilized by Him in Christian service and missions. I first met David and Karen while attending college. David and I were roommates our freshmen year and our friendship continued and grew over the years despite the distances between us.

Becky Canuteson

Assistant Treasurer

I have been involved in camping since I was old enough to attend my church camp as a child. I met David and Karen at camp when I worked as his secretary one summer. I lived on the grounds of the camp year round and it was a great place to raise my children. Now my husband and I continue to volunteer as we can at camp and attend banquets and summer concerts.

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