Following God’s Plan – Fanny Cano’s Testimony

My name is Fanny Cano. In 2009, I was supposed to go to Canada and volunteer at a Christian camp. However, because of a misunderstanding (due to my poor English) people at the Canadian migration office thought I was there to work. Unable to explain my real purpose, the immigration officer deported me. I was 19 years old at that time.

I was back in Mexico City the following day after my deportation from Canada. Feeling humiliated, I didn’t want to go back home to Tabasco, southeast of Mexico, a 16 hour bus ride. Thanks to a friend who knew the Caldwells, I ended up at Los Domos, a place that would change my life.

 At first I thought it would be just a quick stop before going back to Canada, which was my plan. The days past and soon I realized that being at Los Domos was going to be a huge challenge, which I wasn’t prepared for; the cold weather, the food, facing loneliness, practicing a language I barely spoke, exercising different habits like waking up at 7:00 am and working till 6:00 pm… But being in the mountains and in the woods surrounded by nature, just me and God, was healing. That was the moment where I believe I met God. I was able to hear Him in the wind, through each storm at night. I felt scared but I knew God was there in the middle of the storm as He was with His disciples.

Suddenly I started to enjoyed it, my relationship with God developed more than ever, and without noticing it, I had found a new family; David and Karen became like parents to me. They set up a Godly example of what the family I would like to raise someday would look like. I found spiritual support in them, guidance, and love for the children’s ministry, camp. Seeing them believing in me made me believe in myself, and I wanted to learn more about this ministry and share with everyone back home.

12 years later, we are still friends; more than that, we are family. Their lives and ministry changed mine. David has blessed my state (Tabasco) visiting it a couple of times, sharing his faith and knowledge with different churches down here. I can’t be more blessed with the change of plans God had for me back then in 2009.

Fanny lives in Tabasco, Mexico with her husband and young son and are expecting another son soon.