Eureka Camps Aid Education in Mexico

Eureka Camps are a hands-on approach to academics in the outdoors. Eureka Camps endeavor to integrate facts, real time, and real consequences through activities to make education more dynamic and practical for children. Eureka Camps are tailored to the student/camper by the teacher/camp counselor.

It is an unfortunate statistic that the quality of education in certain parts of the world is deplorable. David and Karen Caldwell happen to be in one of those areas.

Eureka Camps solve the world’s problems by doing one thing: educating. This, of course, is not true. Math is important but it is not The Answer. So in addition to education (a good thing), we tell about the Good News of Jesus (the essential thing).

On Thursday, February 16, 2017 the first-ever Eureka Camp was launched at Los Domos in Central Mexico.

Los Domos isn’t just a campsite—it’s a place to minister to others. This semester, the school children at Loma Caliente, the small town across the lake from the Caldwells, will be utilizing the grounds for their PE class.

Not only is this an opportunity to test out more activities and learn how we can improve on the camp side of things, but this is also a chance for these children to be exposed to the biblical-based events that frequently happen at Los Domos.

Last week the children came to Los Domos with their two teachers (a husband/wife team) and assistant teacher, Lupita. David and the teachers worked in three groups and taught knot tying, frisbee throwing, and stilts.

David says, “The children took turns asking questions about the camp, our family, how we use our time, and what we believe. This is a dream-turned-reality for us here at Los Domos.”

This week, and for the duration of the semester, they will review the skills and activities from the previous week and add new skills that further prepare these children as they go through their education.

Celebrate with us as we thank God for His faithfulness. Camps International wants to see camps make an eternal impact on the lives of children and leaders, and Eureka Camps have the opportunity to do just that.