2010 VOICE Team Paves the Way

Back in 2010, there was no tower and no internet at Los Domos. Electricity had just recently been introduced through several small solar panels and the Caldwells were transitioning to Los Domos from 45 minutes away in Acuitzio, Michoácan, the nearest town with electricity, running water, and internet.

Through generous hearts, God provided the funds needed to begin the project to supply a connection to the world through Internet brought via several towers from their apartment in Acuitzio. Through our VOICE (Volunteer Opportunities In Camp Experience) program, some brilliant and able men came from the US with willing spirits and eager hands. It was almost more than they bargained for with ill-suited tools and difficult working conditions. But through God’s grace and much perseverance, they had a break-through. Although intermittent and hugely unreliable, the team had succeeded in bringing internet to the rural mountainside. A feat that could only have been accomplished with many hands and open attitudes.

The Caldwell family and their ministry at Los Domos (not to mention CI and all David has accomplished in developing our philosophy and camp methods) have reaped the benefits of the generosity and hard work of the Internet pioneers. Pictured are a few of the hard-working men who helped bring about this accomplishment. Several of them still play integral parts in keeping Internet and our websites running smoothly.

Flash forward seven years (and a lightening strike) and the Caldwells are ready to upgrade their system to a more functional and reliable set-up. God has once again touched hearts to send in the finances needed, and we’re ready to continue building on what these men started. (Have you heard about our Lighthouse Tower project? You can find more about it here and here.)

In the early days, VOICE team members laid the ground-work for the opportunities that are now available at Los Domos and with Camps International. Today, we celebrate the big and small wins that have brought this ministry to where it is today and we praise God for the big things we believe He has in store for the future.

If you’re interested in coming alongside us and working toward seeing more Christian camps unifying and growing more churches, please contact us. In 2017, we’ll have even more opportunities to build on our vision and watch God establish His Kingdom on Earth.