The Lighthouse Project

Camps International Presents Project Lighthouse: Expanding the Los Domos Training Base to Spread God’s Light Across Mexico

A lighthouse safely guides ships at sea so that they can continue on their journey. Our heart is to guide and disciple the next generation of church leadership so that they can be lighthouses in their own communities all across Mexico.

It’s with this passion and vision that we look for ways to reach more churches to assist them in the development of their own camps. To further impact the local church in Morelia, Michoacán and maybe soon at Loma Caliente, and win more souls for Christ, Los Domos is updating its technical capacities for the next phase of biblical kingdom work.

The Lighthouse Project, a three year, multi-phase project, will bring consistent Internet and electricity to the rural lakeside property so that we can better fulfill the Great Commission and bring God’s light to the unsaved in Mexico.

The Lighthouse Project includes:

Phase 1: The Lighthouse Tower, a 70 foot metal framework tower.

Phase 2: Solar panels that will power new buildings at Los Domos.

Phase 3: Hardware to bring Internet to Los Domos.

In our day and age, the Internet is indispensable for kingdom building. Without the Internet at Los Domos, we can’t coordinate camps, counselors, and leadership trainings, nor can the present system handle more than one computer. Not only that, but we can’t make online orders, financial security calls, bank transfer calls, or family calls without the signal breaking up. This limits ministry, personal life, and the growth and nurturing of camp people. On a personal note, now that our children have all moved away, the inability to have a Skype conversation with our children has been emotionally difficult. This leaves only disconnection, disappointment, and miscommunication.

We have the workers, the plans, and the vision to see this project help grow the bigger picture of Los Domos’ mission.

We invite your help. Would you become a lighthouse keeper?

It will be $3,500 to complete the Lighthouse Project. This covers laying the foundation, fabricating and assembling the tower, and installing the Internet hardware and solar panels.

Your every gift shortens the time it takes to complete the Lighthouse Project.

To be a Lighthouse Keeper would you commit to $100 per month for the next 3 years?

Every dollar you send is tax-deductible and builds the Kingdom of God in Mexico.

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