Power Out: An Update from David

We were without power and internet at Los Domos due to an Act of God. Our electrical system was hit with lightning over two weeks ago and we also lost internet completely at the time (it was hardly working at all even before that and still is having serious issues). Monday evening, I hooked up a temporary system that got provisional power back to my office area and re-energized the internet equipment.

power hub
The power hub prior to the lightning strike. The white box is the inverter.

Eleazer, a good friend of mine from the city, has the main part (an inverter) that burned out because of the lightning strike. Replacement parts will take five to six weeks to arrive. Then he has to see if those parts will fix the inverter or if yet other parts will be needed. We have a long wait ahead of us with minimal power on the campgrounds.

Prior to the lightning, internet here at Los Domos was very bad. That set of issues still remains the same—internet is very poor. There has not been signal all morning (since 5 AM). When there is signal, the quality only permits sending an email with only text. Photos and attachments don’t load, and we can’t open browser windows. However, at times we can almost use the internet to work.

There were plans for several camp sessions to be held at Los Domos this summer, but with the power, internet and communication issues, coupled with human and cultural tendencies, we’re finding that we need to re-structure our summer.

It’s not all bad. The counselor training for a church at Los Domos earlier in the year is resulting in a camp at their own location. There are two other groups who, after training counselors, plan to utilize Los Domos in coming months. We’re excited to see more camps become a reality.

We are encouraged. While hosting camp on the grounds each summer is something we work toward, it is not entirely our main focus. Los Domos is a training facility, a research and development headquarters where camp can be learned, tested, grown, and shared with the pastors and churches around Mexico in need of the evangelical tool camp offers. We assist, train, and guide the new camps springing up because of our efforts at Los Domos. We’re delighted to help them thrive.

Outside of camp this summer, there are many other ministry opportunities here at Los Domos.

Karen continues to hold English classes for the community. They recently celebrated Rodrigo finishing junior high school. He is fifteen now and wanting to strengthen his English skills so he can pass the exam to continue on to high school. Karen has been working with him to help improve his limited English. He is working very hard. It has created a bond between them and is opening up opportunities.

Next week a pastor and his team will be touring Los Domos to decide when they will have an event here. I recently spoke to the church leadership team of 30-40 people.

We are connected to a couple other camps in other states where we are helping with site development. I have done training there, and they’re getting ready for the next step.

In addition to continuing to develop Los Domos (two bathrooms are under construction) I am assisting in a new church plant in Morelia. Karen and I have been asked to speak at the end of the month. God is opening doors.

I met with a potential missionary to India on Friday. It’s my goal to train him and his associates in camp so they can take that tool with them to India. Pray that many will see the great opportunity in using this valuable tool of camp.

Thank you for your continued interest in the development of this pioneering ministry.

(Photo: Timothy Peterson working on the inverter and power hub for Los Domos last year.)